Stitchers 1×10 Promo “Full Stop” (HD) Summer Finale

Stitchers 1×10 “Full Stop” (Summer Finale) – The Stitchers team is on the defense when Cameron and Detective Fisher are targeted in a shooting. Kirsten’s stitch leads them to Robert Barbiero (guest star Henry Rollins), a security expert who has worked with Maggie in the past and was close to Kirsten’s mom. As Kirsten follows the clues that Ed Clark left her, she finds unexpected answers to long-held questions. Meanwhile, Linus is jealous when Cameron starts training Camille to be his back-up in the Stitchers lab. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on YouTube for more Stitchers season 1 promos in HD!

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Stitchers 1×10 Promo/Preview “Full Stop” (Summer Finale)
Stitchers Season 1 Episode 10 Promo
Stitchers Season 1 Summer Finale Promo
Stitchers 1×10 Promo “Full Stop” (HD) Summer Finale


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