Scandal 5×04 Promo “Dog-Whistle Politics” (HD)

Scandal 5×04 “Dog-Whistle Politics” – Eager to get answers, Jake unexpectedly crosses paths with someone he thought he’d never see again. Meanwhile, Huck and Quinn recruit a familiar face to help smooth over the media storm surrounding Olivia, and Fitz quickly finds out the true cost of mercy when he discovers not everyone fully supports his actions, on “Scandal,” Thursday, October 15th on ABC. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Scandal season 5 promos in HD!

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Scandal 5×04 Promo/Preview “Dog-Whistle Politics”
Scandal Season 5 Episode 4 Promo
Scandal 5×04 Promo “Dog-Whistle Politics” (HD)


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